Monday, 31 December 2012

December 2012

Compiled by Anita John fsp
Price: Rs. 120.00
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Author: Dr. Elaine Ann Charles
Price: Rs.110.00

Author: Helen Albuquerque
Price: Rs. 40.00
More Read and Colur books

Author: Sushila Fonseca
Price: Rs. 75.00
More Fiction for the young

St Maria Goretti (A Teenager's Story of Courage), Rs. 45.00

Wishing each one of you a Joyous and Peace-filled New Year 2013

Wednesday, 12 December 2012

November -2012

Happy Me - Read and Colour
Price : Rs. 30.00
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God Cares - Read and Colour
Price: Rs. 25.00
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60 Stories for Children
Price: Rs. 65.00
More Moral Stories
101 Moral Stories
Price: Rs. 70.00

More Stories and Fiction

Attitudes of Gratitude
Price: Rs. 115.00

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Primary Essays, Story & Creative Writing
Price Rs. 55.00

More Essays , Comprehension etc.

Moral Stories for Children
Price: Rs. 25.00
More Moral Stories

A Puppy and a Pussy
Price: Rs. 30.00

The Mysterious Girl
Price: Rs. 70.00
More Novels

Lead your Way to Success
Price: Rs. 70.00

More Books on Personal Growth

The Naughty Little Prince
Rs.  25.00
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Moral Stories with Fun and Puzzles
Rs. 45.00
More Moral Stories

Fun Time Puzzles
Rs. 50.00
More Puzzles
Fun With Rhymes - Activity Book
Price : Rs. 45.00

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Thursday, 4 October 2012

September 2012 Reprints

 The New Mass Book (revised)Price: Rs. 10.00
More liturgical books
500 Jokes , Riddles and Fascinating Facts for Children
Author: Rajendra Pillai

101 Essays & letters
Iris Castillo
Rs. 70.00
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Personality Development - A Workbook on Attitudinal Transformation
Dr. Rituporna Raj
Rs. 90.00
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Friday, 31 August 2012

August 2012 Reprints

Lives of Saints Part 1 and 2 (SET of two books)
Author: Vincent Vaz SDB
Rs 550.00 Pages: 940
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For fist communicants
Preparing for First Holy Communion
Price: Rs. 20.00
 Pages 48
More books for Catechism Class Children

Creative Teacher's Handbook
Author: Neil Azavedo
Price: Rs. 85.00
Pages: 135
More books for Teachers
More Gift books for Teachers and all

A to Z Tips for TeensPrice Rs. 35.00
More books for / on youth issues

Teen StressAuthor: William L. Coleman
Price Rs. 60.00

More books for / on youth issues

Science Tales
Author: R. K. Murthi
Price Rs. 40.00
Pages  80.00
More Short Stories 

Screams at MidnightAuthor: Joeyanna D'Souza FSP
Price: Rs. 60.00
More Novels for High School Students

 The Mystery of the Great Emerald
at White Tomb Club

Author: Judith Fernandes
Price: Rs. 45.00

Pages: 95More Novels

The Magic Wheel and Other Stories

Author: Marina Andrade
Price Rs. 25.00
Pages  40.00
More Short Stories 

 Puzzles & Fun
Author: Pervin S. Kate
Price: Rs. 35.00
Pages: 72
More Puzzles, Riddles, Jokes
 The Golden Sunflower
Size: (9.5"x7")
Price: Rs. 30.00

More Children's Coluring books

The Magic Mango Tree
S.Rashadath Ali
Size: (9.5"x7")
Price: Rs. 25.00

More Children's Coluring books

Little Daisy's Red Rose
Size: (9.5"x7")
Price: Rs. 35.00

More Children's Coluring books

Monday, 30 July 2012

July 2012

Album size
20 Moral Stories
Author: Dorothy Serpes
Price: Rs. 50.00
More books for children

The Brave Friends & Other Stories
Author: Ramendra Kumar
Price: Rs. 30.00
More short stories

The Chinese Magician & Other stories
Author: Monarose Pereira
Price:Rs. 35.00
More Short Stories

MAgic paint brush

The Magic Paint Brush -- 25 Moral  Stories
Author: Margaret Helen
Price : Rs. 45.00
More Short Stories

New Seven Wonders of the World

New 7 Wonders of the World
Author: Joeyanna fsp& Rosy fsp
Price: 35.00
More Essays,English Compostion

G. K Quiz
Author: Nancy D'Souza
Price: Rs. 40.00
MoreQuiz, Plays, Dramas, Riddles, Puzzles, Fun

Rony and the Mystery of the Missing Child
Author: Mathew Panamkat
Price: 65.00
More Novels / Fiction

Befriending your emotions
Author: Janina Gomes

More Saints for you
Author: Russell Foulds
Price: Rs. 50.00
More Saints books and Biographies

 Good Morning Lord-Everyday Prayers for Everyday People
Author: Joseph T. Sullivan
Price: Rs. 70.00
More Spirituality books

Prayer Services - Inspired by Themes in St Paul
Author: Various. 
Edited by Antonette Jesumani fsp
Price: Rs. 85.00
More Prayer books/ Services