Wednesday, 3 December 2014

Reprints November 2014

Stories of Animals and Birds
Price Rs. 40.00

When to Speak up...
Price Rs. 165.00

Boost Your knowledge..
Rs. 70.00

200 Morning Prayers
Price Rs. 60.00

Assertive BEhaviour
Price: Rs. 95.00

A New Prayer Book
Price: Rs. 50.00

 Essays for Primary and Middle School
Price: Rs. 55.00
Screams at Midnight
Price:Rs. 65.00

Jesus Says
A Picture Book for Children
Price: Rs. 25.00
The Mysterious Girl
 Price Rs. 80.00

New Titles November 2014

1. Encountering Jesus in Word Sacraments and Works of Charity
2. Just Married

3. Reclaiming Francis
4.Fun Learning Activity Book
5.DVD - Mother Teresa  (Olivia Hussey)

Thursday, 6 November 2014

Reprints October 2014

Stories of Animals and Birds
Price: 40.00

Reflections and Prayers for Visits
Price: 40.00

 Be the Best Dad
Puzzles and Fables

101 Moral Stories

A Gallery of Scientists (I)
Price Rs. 60.00

How to Select a Career
Price Rs. 80.00

Tips for Public Speaking
Price  Rs. 40.00

Teacher's  Inspirational Handbook
Price : Rs. 130.00

When to Speak Up & When to Shut Up
Price: Rs. 165.00
Boost Your Knowledge
with 1001 Amazing Q & A
Rs. 70.00

New Books
Walking Together

 Rs. 190.00

Encountering Jesus in Word, Sacraments and Works of Charity
Rs. 130.00

Thursday, 16 October 2014

Reprints August - September 2014

Puzzles & Fun 
New Reprint Price: Rs. 40.00
Mystery of the Great Emerald
New Reprint Price: Rs. 50.00

10 Short Stories
New Reprint Price: Rs. 35.00

Wonderful Moral Stories with Fun & Puzzle
New Reprint Price: Rs. 55.00

Real Life Real Miracles
New Reprint Price: Rs. 180.00

Reprint Price: Rs. 35.00

Set Lives of Saints Part 1 & 2
New Reprint Price: Rs. 600/- set

100 Inspiring Anecdotes
New Reprint Price: Rs. 90.00

20 Intense Prayers for Youth
Reprint Price Rs. 20.00

October Reprints till 15 October
Reflections and Prayers for Visits...
New Reprint Price (Cover changed only) Rs. 40.00

Be the Best Dad
 Reprint Price: Rs. 110.00

Puzzles and Fables
New Reprint Price: Rs. 50.00

101 Moral Stories
New Reprint Price: Rs. 80.00

 A Gallery of Scientists Vol. 1
New Reprint Price: Rs. 60.00

In the Press: 
A New Prayer Book .. Reprint

Sunday, 3 August 2014

Reprints June- July 2014

Psalms in Special Needs 10.00

Praying the Rosary 10.00

Prayers and Novenas for Daily Use 10.00
Let us pray the Rosary 25.00
My Bible - The Story of God's Love 330.00

My Favourite book of prayers 10.00
Creative Teachers Handbook 90.00
My Favourite Novenas 10.00

Good Morning Lord - Everyday prayers for Everyday people Price Rs. 90.00

Crossword Puzzles Price Rs.55.00

I can Colour 2 Price: 20.00
I can colour 3  Price: 20.00
I can colour 4   Price:20.00
Tiny Tots ABC Colouring Book   Price: 40.00
Strange Gods - Unmasking the idols of everyday life  Price: 165.00
A Book of Multiplication Tables   Price: 40.00

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