Friday, 31 August 2012

August 2012 Reprints

Lives of Saints Part 1 and 2 (SET of two books)
Author: Vincent Vaz SDB
Rs 550.00 Pages: 940
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For fist communicants
Preparing for First Holy Communion
Price: Rs. 20.00
 Pages 48
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Creative Teacher's Handbook
Author: Neil Azavedo
Price: Rs. 85.00
Pages: 135
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A to Z Tips for TeensPrice Rs. 35.00
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Teen StressAuthor: William L. Coleman
Price Rs. 60.00

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Science Tales
Author: R. K. Murthi
Price Rs. 40.00
Pages  80.00
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Screams at MidnightAuthor: Joeyanna D'Souza FSP
Price: Rs. 60.00
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 The Mystery of the Great Emerald
at White Tomb Club

Author: Judith Fernandes
Price: Rs. 45.00

Pages: 95More Novels

The Magic Wheel and Other Stories

Author: Marina Andrade
Price Rs. 25.00
Pages  40.00
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 Puzzles & Fun
Author: Pervin S. Kate
Price: Rs. 35.00
Pages: 72
More Puzzles, Riddles, Jokes
 The Golden Sunflower
Size: (9.5"x7")
Price: Rs. 30.00

More Children's Coluring books

The Magic Mango Tree
S.Rashadath Ali
Size: (9.5"x7")
Price: Rs. 25.00

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Little Daisy's Red Rose
Size: (9.5"x7")
Price: Rs. 35.00

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