Friday, 31 May 2013

Reprints - May 2013

365 Inspiring Thoughts for the Year
by Denis G. Pereira 
Frank Vaz
Price: Rs.110.00

Out of the Ordinary -Prayers Poems and Reflections for Every Season
by Joyce Rupp
Price:Rs. 250.00

Keyword Moral Stories
by S.Metilda Rose fsp
Rs 40.00

Life of Jesus for Children
by Clare Ukken
Rs. 65.00

Dramas for Youth and Children 
on national Integration and Value Education
by Various Playwrights
Rs. 50.00

With All Good Wishes
by Jenny Cyriac
Rs. 30.00

Five Minute Skits on Value Education
by M. Panamkat & B. Mathew
Price: Rs.45.00

100 Challenging Anecdotes
by Bishop Percival Fernandez

The Princess & the Golden Bird
by Monarose Pereira
Rs. 35.00

How to Survive as a Teen
by Stevan E. Atanasoff
Price: Rs 45.00

Prayers for Eucharistic Adoration
by Marie Paul -Curley fsp
Price: Rs. 30.00

Sunday, 5 May 2013

Reprints- April 2013

Reprints - April 2013

Saints for you
by Daughters of St Paul

Price: Rs. 60.00

A to Z Tips for Success
by Antonette Jesumani
Rs. 85.00

Stories of Animal and Birds
by Maya S. Achar
Price Rs. 35.00

The Hill Top Ghost and Other Stories
D. Majumdar

Strive On...Face the Challenge
by Rosy Mathew
Rs. 30.00

To you with Best Wishes
by Lissy M.
Rs. 30.00

To you with Best Wishes
by Jenny Cyriac
Rs. 30.00

Discernment: Acquiring the Heart of God
by M. Ivan. Rupnik SJ

Preparing for First Holy Communion
Compiled by the Clare Ukken FSP
Rs. 20.00

The Little Pink Elephant
by Cecilia Thomas
Rs. 25.00

Getting the Best of Your Anger, before it gets the best of you
By Dr. Les Carter
Rs. 145.00

Tips to Study Better
by Pancha Baida
R. 30.00