Monday, 9 June 2014

Reprints - April - May


Preparing for First Holy Communion
Price Rs. 20.00


Boost your knowledge with
1001 Amazing Questions & Answers
Priya Paul FSP

Tips to Study Better
Pancha Baida
Rs. 30.00

500 Jokes, Riddles and Fascinating Facts for Children
Rajendra Pillai
Rs. 35.00

More Bible Quiz

The Golden Sunflower
Miriam N
Rs. 30.00

The New Mass Book.
(According to the New Roman Missal (2012)
Price: Rs. 10.00

20 Moral Stories
Dorothy Serpes
Rs. 65.00
Inventors & Discoverers
Rs. 75.00

Antonette Jesumani
Rs. 10.00

Fun Time Puzzles
Shaik Abdul Gafoor
Rs. 60.00

Author: Mily Tom

Rs. 10.00

The Most Wonderful Story
.C. D'Aniso FSP

Rs. 50.00

Author: Ashrita FSP & Kamala FSP
Price: Rs. 10.00

Favourite Prayers for Children
 Compiled by Rosy Mathew
Price: Rs. 10.00

A to Z Moral Stories
Dorothy Serpes
Price: Rs. 65.00

 Life of Jesus for Children
Author: Clare Ukken
Price: Rs.70.00

 How to Survive as a Teen
Author: Stevan E. Atanasoff
Price: Rs.50.00

When you Can't Find God - how to ignite the Power of his presence
Author: Linda E. Shepherd
Price: Rs.205.00

Life is beautiful
Author: Dr. Nikita Davdison
Price: Rs. 115.00

Brave Nirmal and Other Stories
Author: Ramendra Kumar
Price : Rs. 60.00