Monday, 30 September 2013

Reprints - September 2013

The Little Princess
Author: F. H. Burnett
Price Rs. 65.00
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G.K Quiz
Author: Nancy D'Souza
Price: Rs. 40.00
More Quiz Books

20 Most Amazing Stories
Author: Iris Castillo
Price: Rs. 30.00
More Stories

The Secret Garden
Author: F. H. Burnett
Price: Rs. 75.00
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The Magic Paint Brush - 25 Moral Stories
Author: M. Helen
Price: Rs. 45.00
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 Science Tales
Author: R. K. Murthi
Price Rs. 40.00
More general knowledge

 Screams at Midnight
Author: Joeyanna D'Souza
Price: Rs. 60.00
 More Novels

101 Essays and Letters
Author: Iris Castillo
Price: Rs. 75.00
More Essays and Eng Composition

 A to Z Moral Stories
Author: Dorthy Serpes
Price: Rs. 55.00
More Big Picture Stories

Puzzles and Fun
Author: P. S. Kate
Price: Rs. 40.00
More Puzzles...

Basics in English Conversation
Author: A. Manoor
Price: Rs. 55.00
More English supplements

Mystery of the Friday Ghost
Author: M. Panamkat
Price: Rs. 60.00
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Entering the Teen Zone
Author: W.L.Coleman
Price: Rs. 60.00
More Books for Teenagers

Stories and 
Parables of Jesus
Author: Leela Moozhayil
Price: Rs. 65.00
More Stories from the Bible

Thursday, 5 September 2013

Reprints - August 2013

Be the Best Mom - Framing Better Families
Author:  Grace Ketterman MD
Rs. 120.00

Be the Best Dad - Framing better Families
Author :Grace Ketterman 
Price : Rs. 110.00

Every Child Can Succeed
Author: Cynthia Tobias
Price: Rs. 135.00

Resource Books:
Mary : A  History of Doctrine and Devotion - Part I
Author: Hilda Graef
Price: Rs.350.00

Mary : A  History of Doctrine and Devotion - Part II
Author: Hilda Graef
Price: Rs.450.00

The Impossible Dream
Author: Joseph I D'Abreo SJ
Price: Rs. 35.00

Relax ! Have Fun! - Jokes , Brain Teasers, Riddles
Elizabeth Thomas, Antonette Jesumani
Price: Rs.35.00

Adventures and Discoveries
J. Radhakrishnan
Price: Rs.60.00

A Gallery of Scientists
P. Gopalakrishnan
Price: Rs. 60.00

Tips to Study Better
Pancha Baida
Price: Rs. 30.00

20 Stories for Chidlren
Dorothy Serpes
Price: Rs.30.00

Short moral Stories with Fun and Puzzles
Metlida Rose FSP
Price: Rs. 55.00

The Magic Wheel and other Stories
Author: Marina Andrade
Price: Rs. 25.00

20 Moral Stories
Author: Dorothy Serpes
Price: Rs. 65.00

A New Prayer Book (New Revised 2012 Edition)
Ed. by Sr Marisa dsp
Price : Rs. 40.00